2022 Annual Assessments – Assessments are due by January 31st. Annual Assessments are $264.56 per lot. If you would like to make payment arrangements please review the collection policy (documents tab) then email ryan@magprop.com to request an Alternative payment arrangement, or contact Magnolia Property Management at 281-599-0098.

**The US Postal Service changed delivery times for First-Class mail January 1, 2015. Mail delivery is now 1 – 6 days instead of the previous 1 – 3 days. Therefore, take 6 days into account when mailing your Assessment payments to assure receipt by the 31st of the month.

Online payments, please us the following site: https://pay.allianceassociationbank.com/Home?cmcid=691905DC

This link will take you to the Alliance Association Bank where you can make online payments via an e-Check at no addition cost. There will be a charge by the Bank for payments by Credit or Debit card. You will need your account number and the following information:

Additional info needed for online payments:

Management ID: 6638
Association ID: 6
Homeowner ID: (account #)10 digit number at the top of your Invoice

OR you may mail in payments to: Alliance Association Bank:

(Subdivision Name Here) C/O MPM
P O Box 98374
Las, Vegas NV 89193-8374

I wanted to personally reach out and let you know Quadvest will resume disconnects on Monday, August 31.

  1. halted disconnecting customers for non payment the week of March 9th due to Covid-19. On March 26, 2020 The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC,) in response to the Governor’s disaster declaration, suspended rules allowing public water and sewer utilities to assess late fees or penalties on customers delinquent bills, or to disconnect water or sewer service for non payment.

The suspension of the rule allowing utilities to assess late fees and penalties expired on May 15th. Quadvest did not start applying late fees until June. The suspension of the disconnection for non payment rule expired on June 13, 2020. We made the decisions to extend this until August 31st, next Monday.

We have been sending emails and outbound auto dialer phone messages to customers on a weekly basis for the entire month of August. We are encouraging customers to call in to discuss a payment plan options to avoid disconnection. They will be required to pay 25% of their outstanding balance, with the remaining balance set up on a payment plan. (If customers do not call in to set up a payment plan prior to being disconnected, they will be required to pay 40% of their outstanding balance prior to being reconnected.) Once a customer has been disconnected for non payment, the utility has 36 hours to restore service once the appropriate reconnection fees have been paid. Below is the schedule for disconnections:

  • If your due date is the 7th of the month, customers will be disconnected for non-payment on September 21st
  • If your due date is the 14th of the month, customers will be disconnected for non-payment on August 31st
  • If your due date is the 21st of the month, customers will be disconnected for non-payment on September 8th
  • If your due date is the 28th of the month, customers will be disconnected for non-payment on September 14

I want to assure you Quadvest has taken all possible measures to ensure our teams have the tools and resources necessary to take care of our plants safely and efficiently over these next few days as Laura makes landfall.

Cheri Ryals

Executive Manager, Customer Care

m: 281-356-5347




Feel free to reach us at 281-599-0098 or email us directly!