2020 Annual Assessments – Assessments are due by January 31st. Annual Assessments are $264.56 per lot. If you would like to make payment arrangements please review the collection policy (documents tab) then email ryan@magprop.com to request an Alternative payment arrangement, or contact Magnolia Property Management at 281-599-0098.

**The US Postal Service changed delivery times for First-Class mail January 1, 2015. Mail delivery is now 1 – 6 days instead of the previous 1 – 3 days. Therefore, take 6 days into account when mailing your Assessment payments to assure receipt by the 31st of the month.

Online payments, please us the following site: https://pay.allianceassociationbank.com/Home?cmcid=691905DC

This link will take you to the Alliance Association Bank where you can make online payments via an e-Check at no addition cost. There will be a charge by the Bank for payments by Credit or Debit card. You will need your account number and the following information:

Additional info needed for online payments:

Management ID: 6638
Association ID: 6
Homeowner ID: (account #)10 digit number at the top of your Invoice

OR you may mail in payments to: Alliance Association Bank:

(Subdivision Name Here) C/O MPM
P O Box 98374
Las, Vegas NV 89193-8374


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Feel free to reach us at 281-599-0098 or email us directly!